How To Spot Fake RAW Papers

2 Comments12 May 2017  |  Admin

We have recently been alerted by our RAW suppliers that a small amount of counterfeit RAW King Size Rolling Papers has been smuggled into the UK and Europe from China.

Interestingly enough, customers were the first to notice the fake RAW papers because the fake papers are severely inferior to what RAW users have come to know and love about RAW papers.

Selling counterfeit products violates UK law and  puts the seller at risk of serious criminal prosecution.

At S&R Tradelink we only sell authentic original manufactured products from our rolling papers to our vaporizers, but not all shops adhere to such strict guidelines. We know that our customers expect only the highest quality products from us and we are committed to that promise.

If you spot fake RAW rolling papers you can contact the manufacturer HBI at 1-800-420-4372. HBI is offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of these counterfeiters.

Here is how to tell if you have been sold a fake pack of RAW papers.  Fake RAW papers do not have a starter sheet and once you feel the papers you’ll notice that they are inferior. Here some other tips to help you discover if some clown has sold you a fake pack of RAW Rolling Papers.



Keith Lenehan
03 May 2018  |  7:14

thanks for the info. That's a huge help

Anubis Eppes
22 May 2020  |  0:54

I have brought 2 fake black raw papers in Charlotte at the smoke shops. They tore my lungs up. The rapping is completely different. I didnt notice this until today. The same store that sells fake one sell the real one as well at a higher price.